Earth is our home. Our relationship to the environment, its inhabitants and to each other not only define who we are as human beings but have vast impacts on our present and future.

Our capacity for empathy and our consumption of sustainable products are the internal driving forces in securing the future and defining what it means to be of the human race.



The Ever Made Project is a non-profit organization with a mission to identify, certify and promote the worlds most sustainable brands, services and companies. Our purpose is to funnel the voting dollars of the worlds consumers towards products that inherently build and secure our future every time they are purchased.




We award a one to five star rating to products and services based on five standards they may successfully meet. Each standard successfully met earns one star. All of our awarded ratings are reviewed annually.

Sustainable Sourcing

Verification of respectful, humane and sustainable utilization of environmental resources with an ultimate net zero environmental impact maintaining indefinite productivity and health.

Sustainable Labor & Manufacturing

Verification that all capacities of manufacturing within the supply chain utilize fair pricing and meet minimum labor, safety and working condition standards while maintaining prohibitions against forced, child and discriminatory labor.

Reduced Waste & Emissions

Verification of a minimum of 25% in reduced waste and emissions through the utilization of upcycling, energy efficiency, operational efficiency, technology or corporate responsibility

Social Sustainability

Verification of quarterly revenue reinvestment into community elevation, social development projects, empowerment programs or environmental initiatives.

Free of Animal Products & Testing

Verification of zero animal products, derivatives or testing utilized or present within the finished good or service.



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